Stressing over missed calls? We can fix that.

Leverage voice and text automation to save time and focus on scaling your business.

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Potential missed
calls answered


response times


Higher customer
satisfaction rating

Cloud-Based Small Business Phone

Guess what? You don't have to answer every call.

But with, you don't have to miss them either.

Text Automation

Automate your most frequently asked questions

Create custom text automations to quickly respond to your customers and eliminate repetitive conversations.

Automated Receptionists

Eliminate interruptions so you can stay focused

Set up a personalized virtual receptionist to pick up your calls and direct callers to the right place.


Ideal for Growing Teams

Delegate calls and conversations

Give each of your team members their own extensions and let automated call routing handle the rest. 

Tired of scam callers wasting your time?

We'll filter the calls you don’t need to answer, so you can save your breath for the ones you do. 




We process billions of calls and texts across the globe every month on a dependable network. 



We know you don’t have time for another learning curve. Get up and running in minutes.   



We help you set up automations that you can count on to better manage your time. is the best virtual phone service for solo entrepreneurs and small businesses. I tried a few other services but none were as easy and reliable as


I can easily set up extensions to field calls to other employees. And all my calls come to my cell phone making me look like a large corporation. I love this!

I paid three times as much with Grasshopper because they make you pay extra for all the features. With, everything comes bundled together. is an affordable, flexible, professional, Web-based phone service that can be used as an alternative to a much more costly on-site PBX system.

Terrific system, terrific team! really does it for us!

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Samantha Redding, Travel Planner @ Tour Tools Inc.
Henry McNeil, Consultant @ Eagle Logistics
Justin Mueller, CEO @ Simplora
Vish Gupta, Owner @ Starlight Autoparts
Patrick Kelly, President & CEO @

Faster Responses. Happier Customers. Higher Returns.

Responsiveness is the key factor in driving the success of your growing business.