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That's what our phone system features are all about. 

Virtual Phone System Features

Automated Receptionist

Set up your Automated Receptionist to answer all of your calls and redirect them to the right place – whether that’s to your text inbox, another team member, or directly through to you. 

Toll-free & Local Numbers

Choose a toll-free number or local number for your business, so you can answer calls to your personal devices without giving out your personal number. You can seem BIG even if you’re a small team.

Business Hours

Say hello to more work-life balance!  Set your business hours so all of your calls that come through after you’re clocked out for the day are still handled with care.  

Professional Voicemail

Easily record customized greetings to receive your callers when you’re unavailable.  Plus, your voicemails are transcribed so you can read them at your convenience. 

Call Recording

Easily record and review call recordings to reference later, confirm details, monitor quality, and guide training sessions as your team grows. Access everything in one unified place! 

Pause-resume Recording

Protect your callers’ sensitive information by temporarily pausing call recordings mid-conversation as needed. 

How to Use Automated Receptionists
Effectively to Save Time & Money

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Business Texting Features

Two-Way Messaging

Text-enable your business, so you can send, receive, and manage SMS messages between you and your contacts for easy and personalized conversations.

Call to Text

Enable callers to use call to text, which automatically switches their call to a text conversation when they press a number from your receptionist menu. 


Ensure that your customers feel confident their message was received with auto-response texts. Save time and easily manage customer expectations. 

Drip Campaigns

Launch drip campaigns for new and existing subscribers to send marketing material directly to their phone, update them about a sale or new product, and maintain ongoing engagement.

SMS Keywords

Trigger auto responses and segment your customers based on key criteria with SMS keywords. Contacts can text a specific word to your business number to find answers to a commonly asked questions. 

Text Templates

Access a library of preset templates to easily craft effective marketing, customer support, and sales text messages.