12 Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Business Owners

      Ed Mallory
      Post by Ed Mallory
      March 15, 2022
      12 Benefits of Virtual Phone Numbers for Small Business Owners

      Learn 12 brilliant ways small businesses can benefit from having a virtual phone number. 

      For entrepreneurs like yourself, every hour of the day is dedicated to growing your company and every dollar earned is reinvested. With so much on your plate, having an inexpensive and professional way to manage communications for your growing business can be a life-saver. 

      Enter: virtual phone numbers for business.


      Virtual phone numbers can help you control your "phone presence" in an affordable, convenient way. This is why small-business owners everywhere are turning to them to maintain a professional image and keep money in the bank. 

      How do virtual phone numbers work?

      A virtual phone number is a secondary number for your business that you acquire through a virtual phone system. These systems, like Cloudphone.com, turn your computer or mobile devices – like a smartphone or iPad – into a professional business phone. 


      For most virtual phone systems, you can download a mobile app so you can access your business contacts, as well as receive calls and texts directly to your cell. They’re also equipped with sharp features and automation capabilities to improve productivity. 

      Here are 12 benefits of virtual phone numbers for business:

      1. Keep business and personal communications separate.

      Sometimes you just don't want people you don't know very well to have your personal cell phone number. This is particularly true when you want to publish a phone number for your business online. (Who'd want their cell digits floating around the web?!) 

      A virtual number lets you have a dedicated phone number for your business contacts that's separate from the direct cell number your friends and family use—all from one device. Also, when placing a call from your virtual number, the person on the other end sees your business line as the caller ID.

      2. Consistent branding for your business.

      Maintaining a professional and consistent image across all your communications is key to business success. Customers may think of you differently if they get a "Hey, this is Bob. Leave a message!" versus "You've reached Robert Smith Financial Advisers...". 

      Now that you have a separate business line, you can create a custom message for your clients, letting them know they’ve reached your business, rather than your personal cell—giving you the professional edge you’ve been craving.

      3. More features than your cell phone number. 

      With virtual phone numbers for business, you typically get additional features, such as call forwarding, SMS and email notifications, advanced customization of your settings, advanced conferencing capabilities, etc. 

      With business solutions, like Cloudphone.com, you can also get simple extensions for employees (anywhere in the world!), voicemail transcription, and a ton of other useful features that you wouldn't necessarily get when using your personal cell phone to field business calls.

      4. No dedicated hardware. 

      Talk about flexibility and cost-effectiveness! Virtual phone numbers can work with your mobile phone and your employees' mobiles, so you don't have to pay for an expensive premise-based business phone system or extra phones to stay connected.


      5. Toll free virtual numbers. 

      Think the toll free number is a thing of the past? No way. The ability to make your business line a toll free number is a great way to expand your business and reach new markets.

      6. Improved responsiveness.

      Responsiveness is key to providing top-notch customer service, but being 100% responsive 100% of the time isn’t always feasible. With a virtual phone system, you can answer more calls and keep more customers happy. 

      Virtual phone systems come loaded with helpful features such as virtual receptionists and text auto-responders that enable you to get back to your customers more efficiently. 

      7. Reduced amount of “busy work”.

      Customer calls can often seem incredibly repetitive and disruptive. And when you’re trying to focus on activities that really matter to your business, they can become counter-productive. 

      With a cloud phone system for small business, you can feel confident missing certain phone calls, knowing they’ll be directed to the right person or place to find the help they need. 

      8. Ability to focus on growing your business.  

      Cloud-based phone systems make it easy to take yourself out of the equation (like a true CEO) and still feel secure in knowing your customers are being taken care of and finding answers to their questions. When you’re able to spend less time on admin work, you can focus your time and energy on growth-driven activities. 

      9. Time-saving integrations. 

      Another benefit of a virtual business phone system is its modern capability of integrating with the tools you’re already happily using. You probably have a number of apps and platforms in place that help you expedite your daily workflows. 

      A virtual phone system like Cloudphone.com can easily connect with these tools to create simple, but powerful automations that improve your time management. 

      10. Work from anywhere.

      Business cloud phone systems are ideal for a remote work-style. Most software comes with an intuitive mobile app that can be downloaded to your mobile devices. You’ll receive your business calls straight to your smartphone, so you can take calls or texts from anywhere. 

      11. Cost-effectiveness.

      Tight budget? No problem. Virtual phone numbers are an incredibly cost-effective option and designed with scalability in mind. Pricing plans are typically set up on a per-user basis with the ability to add extensions as you grow. 

      12. Better for clients and customers 

      With a cloud business phone system, you can make it easier for your customers to find the answers they need right away. Studies have shown that 74% of consumers prefer texting when communicating with a business. By text enabling your business, you’re making it possible for your customers to reach you in a way they enjoy. 


      For customers that prefer to call, they can reach you directly – wherever you are. And if you’re unable to answer, a virtual receptionist ensures their call is forwarded to another team member or to the right place. In the end, having a virtual phone system improves the customer experience and can potentially retain or attract more business. 

      Save Time & Money with a Virtual Phone Number 

      If you want to increase efficiency, promote a professional image of yourself, and make it simpler for friends, family and business contacts to connect with you, consider adding a virtual phone number to your business profile. 


      Ed Mallory
      Post by Ed Mallory
      March 15, 2022
      Ed brings 10+ years of operations & tech expertise to Cloudphone.com. His experience drives the achievement of milestones across the corporation.