How It Works

Choose a local or toll free number to use for your business. Cloud Phone will answer, route, and manage your calls professionally. Add users, extensions, or numbers as your business grows. No phones or equipment to buy and your virtual phone system is fully managed in the cloud.


Some of the Cool Features

The Auto Attendant is the center of automation for your virtual phone system. It answers, routes, and manages your calls for you so your company always sounds professional (even if it's just you). Easily add more numbers or extensions from your management portal and control when and how your calls are routed and answered.
Communicate quickly and efficiently with two-way texting for businesses! Business SMS is included in your paid subscription plans so that you could send/receive between 200 to Unlimited text messages per month, depending on the plan.
This powerful feature acts as the cornerstone of communications management. In the most basic use case, simply route your extension to your smartphone. In more advanced scenarios, you can route your Cloud Phone number to multiple locations. Ring several extensions simultaneously, or ring them in a specific order to ensure important calls don't get missed.
Use call recording to review details from important calls, monitor support issues, or to forward a recording to a colleague. Download the mobile app to use call recording or press *10 during a call. Recorded calls are saved as an audio file and can be accessed via the web portal or via email or SMS text message.
Advanced call settings allow you to customize how your inbound calls are handled. Require callers to speak their name before the system connects them to you. This allows you to discretely screen unwanted callers. Alternatively you can setup your system to immediately connect callers to you without screening. In either case, simple controls allow you to accept or reject the call.
Through the mobile app you can connect up to five callers at the same time. Simply press the "add call" button from the mobile app and select another caller from your contact list.
Easily add extensions (users) to your account with the management portal. As your business grows, assign employees their very own extension and choose how you want to route calls to your main number. Each employee can customize their own settings and manage them with their own login.
Your Cloud Phone number is also configured to receive faxes. When a fax is sent to any of your numbers, the fax is received and converted to a .pdf and delivered to you via email. Save the planet and go green with this included feature.
No matter where you do business, Cloud Phone has you covered. Forward calls anywhere in the world with this powerful feature. International Rates apply.
Local numbers are available in locations throughout the United States. Add additional numbers to your account at anytime for a cost of $5/month. There is no limit to the quantity of numbers you can add to your account. You receive between 1 to 25 free local numbers based on your plan. Local numbers are a great way to establish yourself in markets where a recognized local presence is needed to reach customers.
The management portal is your one stop shop for customizing your virtual phone system. Access call logs, update settings, change billing info, upgrade your plan, add numbers, contact support - you can do it all from the management portal and best of all, you can access it from any location or device.
Control the menu options provided to callers when they reach your main number. Press 1 for Sales, Press 9 to forward to voicemail. This is a versatile feature that allows you to define menu actions. You can assign menu actions that connect to other users, forward to voicemail, play a recording, or connect to an outside line.
Managing your business calls when mobile just got easier with the Cloud Phone mobile app for iOS and Android. Use the app to make outbound calls with your business number and access other features like conferencing and call recording.
Place outbound calls from within our management console or from the mobile app. Calls to Mexico, Canada, and the United States are included in your plan minutes. International rates will show in the mobile app.
Record a customized greeting for your callers, use an automated digital greeting, or upload your own professionally recorded greeting to your service. Increase the effectiveness of your greetings by trying to establish a personal connection with your clients.
Each extension has a customizable reach me list. This list contains a list of numbers you want to be contacted at. Cloud Phone will call these numbers in order or simultaneously dependng on your settings.
Toll free numbers are available for use anywhere in North America. Prefixes include 844, 855, 866, and 877. Add additional numbers to your account at anytime for a cost of $5/month. There is no limit to the quantity of numbers you can add to your account. You receive between 1 to 25 free toll free numbers based on your plan. Toll free numbers are a great way to expand your business so you can reach new markets and instantly sound more established and credible.
Your voicemail is delivered instantly to your email, so there's no more dialing a voicemail system looking for old messages, or worse yet, losing that all-important one.
Your voicemails are also automatically transcribed before they're delivered, so not only can you listen right from your email, you can also READ your messages. Yes, that's right, now you can read your voicemail just like email.

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